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When S E Reynolds was studying English at George Mason University, she dreamed of writing the Great American novel, but her father told her if she wanted to eat, she needed to get a real job. So, after graduation, Susan took his advice and became a technical writer and editor and eventually worked half-way up the corporate ladder. 


S E Reynolds was content until one day in 2019, she met someone with a circumstance that she couldn’t shake.  It took root in her head and grew as her imagination gave it color and bled onto the pages of her first psychological suspense novel, Enigma Rose.  S E Reynolds believes that good story telling must have well developed characters that readers can relate to even if they are ashamed to admit it. A story without rich characters that affect you is like drinking wine that was aged in a plastic barrel.  It’s just bad.  Unfortunately, she has had wine aged in a plastic barrel when she was visiting Oklahoma once.  She chose to drink water that day.


S E Reynolds is a single mom of three boys and lives in the suburbs on the outskirts of Washington DC.  When she is not writing about damaged people that do disturbing things, she is hunting for forks in her teenage boys’ bedrooms and earning a paycheck as a project manager to replace the forks that disappear in said bedrooms.  Her other passions are her little maltipoo, Bearcub, and a good Bordeaux.  She is currently in a love-hate relationship with the Washington Football Team and hopes they win another Super Bowl before she dies.




                Mayor Joshua Steadman’s biggest accomplishment is marrying his perfect First Lady, Melissa. But when Melissa falls terminally ill and confesses a disturbing secret on the eve of her death, the mayor’s life is thrown into chaos.

               Haunted by an alluring, enigmatic ghost from his past, Joshua must suppress his lust and try to settle down with the perfect, voter-friendly angel. But Joshua’s inner demons threaten to ruin everything as he enters into a toxic love triangle with two very different women. Trying to shake the ghost from his past, Joshua soon finds that the only thing he is desperate to escape is the present.

             Murder, lies, and the ultimate betrayal stalk the mayor’s every move, when all he wants to do is stop and smell the roses…


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